A sad day

Wilma Johnson, Kyneton

It is a sad day for Kyneton when our council decides the joy provided for the past 45 years by the hard-working committee of the Kyneton Daffodil and Arts Festival is not worthy of recognition.
Isn’t the welfare and wellbeing of the local community and a sense of civic pride the purpose of having local councils?
Last year council granted the festival committee $6000 of which $5862 rental was returned for the hire of the Town Hall, Kyneton Mechanics Institute and the Bluestone Theatre, so council was scarcely out of pocket in terms of actual revenue.
Councillors can overcome much of the criticism of their refusal to support the festival this year by a decision to waive rental costs for the above venues to the festival committee, thus providing a sensible solution to a situation that should never have arisen.
The distinctive Daffodil Festival largely defines Kyneton. It brings joy and a sense of wellbeing to our community, not to mention the many tourists who share our enjoyment.

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