A welcome sign of spring

It’s a welcome sign that spring is here when the daffodils are blooming and the lambs are being born.
Quadruplets in sheep are extremely rare so it was a surprise for sheep farmer Andrew Sellars-Jones to see these four healthy girls arrive at Chandpara in Tylden this week.
They are purebred southdown sheep and are a result of a natural mating in March.
Andrew said many sheep farmers were experiencing multiple births this year due to the best autumn conditions in years and hence increased fertility in the ewes.
So far the four new arrivals are doing well.
“Their mum is a seven-year-old ewe so she’s got the experience and good maternal characteristics to look after her new family,” Andrew said.
“People say sheep aren’t smart, but she can definitely count to four and gets very agitated if one of the brood strays too far away.”
Chandpara has an annual on-property sale at the end of October but these four can look forward to staying on the farm and hopefully having lambs of their own one day.

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