An accident waiting to happen

Users of the Leisterville hall in Castlemaine have described parking outside the facility as “dangerous” after a recent upgrade to the Public Transport Victoria bus stop in Williams Street.
Members of the Goldfields Quilters Group, which has met at the Leisterville hall several times a month for the past 25 years, said issues they raised with PTV and Mount Alexander Shire Council had fallen on deaf ears.
Kathy Dent said the upgrade had accentuated the depth of the roadside guttering presenting a danger to those who tried to park there.
“The bus stop itself is fantastic but the improvements have made parking outside the facility more difficult,” she said.
“There are about five local groups that regularly use the facility. Some of these people are elderly and have mobility issues.
“We are concerned that residents and visitors to Leisterville could seriously damage their vehicles or injure themselves trying to park and enter the facility, particularly at night as there is no lighting to highlight the deep gutter alongside the bus stop.”
Fellow quilter Brenda Bidgood said it was just “so dangerous”.
“There is no warning, nothing stopping people just driving off the road and into the gutter, especially at night. If someone is unfortunate enough to drive into that gutter their car would be a write off,” she said.
Leisterville residents are also concerned that the former bus shelter has not been replaced.
“It was a great asset, particularly in the winter months, and I hope it will be returned,” one resident said.
A Mount Alexander Shire Council spokesperson said council staff would soon meet with PTV onsite to discuss options available to address concerns raised by residents and user groups.
PTV confirmed it upgraded the bus stop to make it Disability Discrimination Act compliant, particularly because of its proximity to the residential facility and Leisterville hall.
The design of the stop, and the drainage design, were approved by council and built to its specifications.
“PTV will work with the council to improve the amenity of the area around the bus stop,” the spokesperson said.
PTV has also provided a grant to council for a replacement shelter at the location.

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