Art from isolation

Five creative women from Kyneton have collaborated to produce an audio-led theatre experience for families to enjoy at home.
The online program, Mountain Goat Mountain, has been created by theatre makers Sarah Lockwood and Tahli Corin who have been exploring ways to make theatre more accessible to people outside of major cities.
When theatres across the country began shutting down in light of coronavirus restrictions, they saw an opportunity to adapt one of their earlier installation works into a fully digital experience.
The two women teamed up with artists Zoë Barry, Liz Francis and Nikita Hederics via emails and video conference calls to create a theatrical adventure.
“Mountain Goat Mountain is for families with young children (5+) who enjoy adventure and are missing going to the theatre, or to their special magical place,” Lockwood said.
“It’s for families needing a break from monotony and who are looking for a sense of occasion and a way to celebrate each other and this time together.”
Co-creator Tahli Corin said the experience provided families an opportunity to play together.
“Kids are naturals when it comes to imaginative play, Mountain Goat Mountain is an opportunity for adults to enter that world, and the whole family to create and explore together,” she said.
Subscribers to Mountain Goat Mountain are given access to a series of audio tracks in two acts that guide families to set up and step into their own imaginative world.
Participants will find themselves crawling through tunnels, crossing lava pits and swimming through underwater caves without leaving home!
Other Kyneton locals also contributed to the project, with Jed Palmer providing sound design, Goldie Martine Palmer providing character voices and a very talented seven-year-old, Henrietta Mettler, as one of the voiceover actors.
Audiences can access Mountain Goat Mountain via the Threshold website at
Tickets: $12.95 for a 30-day access family pass with all funds going to Threshold and the artists who created the work.

Kyneton seven-year-old Henrietta Mettler is one of the voiceover actors on the project.

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