Banned from the tip

Gretel Quirk, Castlemaine

After my husband asked a few questions about waste disposal and took a few photos to back up his concern, he got banned from entering the Castlemaine Tip (Mount Alexander Shire).
Now after three months, we finally got the opportunity to speak with council, only to be told that they do not have the power to override the ban….But possibly if he shuts up and obeys the tip rules they may be able to help with negotiation.
I am not happy that the contractors at the tip have the discretion to ban us from the tip. Who is running this town?
Castlemaine is our home and yours. We have a right to dispose of our waste there and a legal obligation to do so. And I guess also to know that it is being dealt with efficiently and according to environmentally sound regulations.
Should we have the right to better reuse its resources? Before they are simply crushed and hidden for future generations to find?
Ask no questions about what is done with your waste and direct no environmental concerns to the contractors.
But please voice them to council – they want to know. Council can and will only do something about it if multiple people express concern.
Just be sure to ask for a receipt. Please put in your submission to council ASAP.

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