Baseball headed to the MCG

Malmsbury’s hallowed ‘MCG’ will soon play host to a baseball diamond as the local cricket club branches out to field multiple teams in Bendigo league baseball.
Club president Jenny Ganim said the club was “super excited to be launching something new to the district”.
“There are no clubs between Melbourne and Bendigo, so we’re the first to launch into something new,” she said.
The man behind the idea, coach Jamie Kinkaid, said baseball was a sport that anyone could play and would give cricketers a winter hit with the bat.
“Between cricket and baseball it’s a natural fit, the fact that it’s a bat and ball sport and it’s a throwing sport, they tie in very well,” he said.
“It will actually help cricketers learn to pick up and throw and it helps baseballers judge ball movement off a bat as well.
“And any kid can play it – girls and boys – some of the best pitchers I’ve had are girls, they might not be the fastest but they can get the ball to shake and they can actually hit the target more often than a boy trying to throw as hard as possible.”
The junior season starts March 27 and the senior season starts April 17. Junior matches are played Sunday morning with senior matches on Sunday afternoon.
Age groups include under 10s, 12s, 14s and 16s, plus a mixed competition and division one and two for seniors.
Registration days will be held at Malmsbury Cricket Ground on the next two Fridays from 5.30pm to 7pm with a free barbecue on offer.
Enquiries to Jenny Ganim on 0439 988 168.

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