‘Big K’ a big hit

Young Ava Coleman has taken the war on waste and waistlines to her school canteen.
The grade six Kyneton Primary School student has campaigned to take flavoured milks like Big Ms off the menu and replace them with Big Ks or ‘Big Kyneton’ milkshakes to reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottles generated.
“I have noticed that the amount of plastic we use is horrific,” Ava said.
“The Big Ms are currently costing $2.50 each but for a healthier and sustainable option, it can be reduced down to just $2.”
Ava proposed to make flavoured milkshakes onsite (using milk, cocoa and maple syrup) served in reusable cups and estimated a great change with $3720 profit margin.
Her proposal was delivered to her school principal Alistair Rayner along with a cost break-down and the recipe.
Kyneton Primary teacher Georgia Thomas said the impressive idea was quickly put into action and Ava had generated a lot of interest from students.
“Ava came up with a delicious alternative and promoted the use of kids bringing their own cup or borrowing a cup rather than the use of a disposable plastic bottle,” she said.
“It was a great success with $160 made in profits on the first day of sales.”
All money made from milkshake sales will be used to purchase additional student cooking utensils – another of Ava’s suggestions. Ava’s Big K stall continues with the support of friends and classmates.

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