Black ban on Green

A key objector to a disputed Lancefield development plan overlay has been legally ordered to keep his distance from Macedon Ranges Shire Council offices.
Lancefield resident Robert Green was slapped with a ‘declaration of prohibited person’ notice on June 12 relating to alleged disrespectful interactions with council officers.
Awestruck by the allegations, Mr Green said the notice had left him “very concerned and deeply offended, hurt and humiliated”.
The notice served refers to the date that Mr Green attended council chambers in both Kyneton and Gisborne to review documents relating to the Lancefield development plan overlay.
The controversial plan places a restrictive overlay on three residential areas in the township and removes third party rights of affected landowners. It has been criticised for imposing future costly burdens and devaluing land but was endorsed by the council in May. An independent IBAC inquiry into the matter was lodged in March, which remains open.
Mr Green told the Express he believed there had been some discrepancies between documents that had been publicly displayed and those that had been sent to the Minister for Planning on the issue, which he sought to get photographic evidence of.
“I had previously raised questions around this matter that I did not feel had been addressed,” he said.
Mr Green raised further questions on the matter at the May ordinary council meeting.
“There was no confrontation. I do not believe I have acted in a disrespectful manner or caused any concern for safety of staff or public.
“People in my community have had their lives turned upside down (over this planning issue), costing them thousands of dollars, countless hours away from family, friends, work commitments and other community engagements. There are still some serious issues that have not been clarified.”
Mr Green said the allegations were detrimental to his lifestyle, freedom, job, trade and community involvement.
The notice prohibits him from attending council offices in Gisborne, Kyneton, Romsey and Woodend for 12 months. This includes accessing the buildings for library and childcare services.
A breach of the declaration may result in arrest and a penalty of up to $4029.75 or imprisonment for six months.
The notice also states that all of Mr Green’s communications with the council must be marked to the CEO Margot Stork’s attention. Mr Green has called for a full written explanation of the notice.
When contacted on the matter, Ms Stork told the Express “it would be inappropriate for council to comment on individual circumstances for privacy reasons”.
She said options were always available for individuals to contact the council directly and express any concerns on operational matters.

2 thoughts on “Black ban on Green

  • June 28, 2019 at 6:40 am

    Wow. Democracy takes another step towards death. If they have a problem, why don’t they all police to charge and present their argument in public?

  • June 30, 2019 at 11:14 am

    The Council is accountable to the residents. They cannot stop investigation by residents of their actions, documentation or decisions. For a Council to censor a resident’s questions means this Council has gone away for its accountability to the people mandate. They need to be disbanded and another one elected. Their action is totally unacceptable. It is as bad as excluding residents from attending certain meetings. Time to pull in the reigns on local Councils.


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