Bleak indeed!

Deb Moreheart, Campbells Creek

From your reporting of the process reclassifying Wombat State Forest (‘Bleak outlook’, Express, December 4) I am curiously alarmed that women voted for improved long-term management and men voted ‘nay’.
What experience do these men have of national parks beyond drive in/ drive out?
Certainly Gariwerd as a nearby example has infrastructure and regulation enabling the young, elderly, and disabled to enjoy respectful park usage now and into the future.
Sadly, it’s common across beautiful country to also see profligate disregard for our common spaces with household dumping, garbage from booze-ups, and human toilet waste … not a pretty sight.
Parks need areas appropriate to a multiplicity of users from thrill seekers on mountain bikes to campers contemplating the communal fireplace.
Some vision would pay off handsomely (if money is your only measure), but all is achievable with a decent plan.

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