Bugger-all difference

David Cunningham, Castlemaine

Trevor Scott, (‘Where’s the plan?’, Opinions, November 20), correctly states Australia won’t meet its CO2 emissions reduction targets.
Neither will the rest of the world except the USA and some European countries (18-30 per cent reductions). China’s CO2 emissions increased by 50 per cent, and India’s increased by 88 per cent over the period.
Mr Scott must be the last man alive still trying to advertise California’s fires prove Climate ChangeTM. Even Jerry Brown decided to back down from that one!
If global warming is a factor at all it must be very minor, all the contributory factors of any significance are well published. The IPCC, a political creature masquerading as a scientific institution, wants us donor countries to reduce our emissions and contribute to donating the greatest wealth transfer in human history. That’s ostensibly to fund recipient countries, (many corrupt and dictatorships), many of which are expanding their coal industries or transitioning to coal.
Over 1600 new coal-fired power plants are currently planned or under construction in 62 countries, some of which today burn little or no coal. (Urgewald) That’s on top of the several thousands currently operating. Greens want you to get seven years’ jail if you dig, burn or ship coal after 2030, but you must pay foreign countries who the opposite.
IPCC tells us they can control the climate. Analyses of previous IPCC reports have found them deceptive, (InterAcademy Council Audit, p. 61ff). The deadline for our date with Armageddon is repeatedly postponed and pushed further forward because the catastrophes never arrive as forecast.
Historical and Paleo records show climate has always been changing. Attribution studies reveal uncertainty about any anthropogenic component.
Paris requires us to contribute billions and demolish our economy, sacrificing Australian children’s future so as to make 3/5ths of 5/8ths of bugger-all difference to the planet’s temperature.

2 thoughts on “Bugger-all difference

  • November 28, 2018 at 6:02 pm

    For too long climate change deniers have been allowed to frame the discussion around climate change. It’s important not to engage with this nonsense and continue to push for broader engagement with the issue.

    • November 29, 2018 at 12:17 pm

      I don’t know who these climate change deniers are that you’re referring to Patrick, but climate change is real, measured, and evidence-based.

      What you refer to by the antiaptronym, “Climate Change”, is a dogma which violates scientific integrity and denies climate changes.

      Instead, it postulates, (on deprecated evidence), that the holocene had a stable unchanging climate for thousands of years until we started burning coal, which caused the global temperature to skyrocket exponentially, compounding that problem with causing every other bad thing you can think of from waves getting bigger to waves getting smaller, from sexual promiscuity to shark attacks and shrinking sheep https://tinyurl.com/ybht5knz

      Thanks Patrick for continuing to engage with this nonsense, and I hope your broader engagement brings you salvation from the pervasive influence of the cult.


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