Bushfire safety boost for Malmsbury

The 900-strong rural community of Malmsbury can feel safer from the impact of bushfires and other emergencies thanks to a new solar and battery system that provides full protection from power outages.
Installed on the Malmsbury Fire Station through the MASH solar bulk-buy, the 10.54kW solar power and Tesla Powerwall 2 battery system ensures that if the grid goes down in the event of a bushfire or storm, Malmsbury Fire Brigade will have the power it needs to respond.
Facilitated by the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance, the system is funded by a grant from Bank Australia and contributions from the brigade and through CVGA’s MASH Community Solar Bulk Buy program.
This system demonstrates how solar and battery storage can help protect communities from the threat of bushfires.
“During emergency events it is common for the electricity grid to go down, making it harder for organisations like the CFA to respond,” said Rob Law, executive officer at the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance.
“This solar and battery system is designed to operate if the grid goes down and will enable Malmsbury Fire Brigade to maintain critical functions during an emergency.
“This is what we call local energy resilience, and something we think is a big opportunity for our region. Not only does it provide greater protection from the threat of bushfires and storms but it saves on power bills and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.”
Brigade captain Tony Stephens said it was a great result for the Malmsbury community.
“It ensures we can operate and respond from the fire station during a power outage and it can also be a hub for the community at the same time,” Capt Stephens said.
“We see the results of climate change through more intense and frequent storms and fires, and being able to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce emissions is important for our members and our community.
“This is a great example of the community, local interest groups and industry working together to reduce the impacts of fires and other emergencies, aid recovery and do our bit to reduce the impacts of climate change.”
To learn more about MASH, visit mash.org.au or call 1300 466 274.

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