Car flips in Kyneton crash, driver flees scene

A driver fled the scene of a spectacular crash on Edgecombe Street in Kyneton this afternoon.
The 37-year-old Kyneton woman was driving a Holden Astra north near Orr Street about 1.50pm when she collided with a parked Mitsubishi Lancer and spun, flipping her car onto its roof.
The 37-year-old sustained cuts and bruises and a significant knock to the head but was able to free herself from the vehicle. She fled the scene on foot.
The impact pushed the Lancer into a Holden Cruze parked in front of it. Both parked cars were damaged and the Astra was totalled and towed from the scene.
A police helicopter returning from Bendigo was called upon to search for the woman but she was brought back to the scene by a friend who encouraged her to face her wrongdoing. She was remorseful and apologetic to the owners of the damaged vehicles.
An ambulance conveyed the woman to Bendigo Base Hospital for further assessment. She will be charged with careless driving and enquiries are pending in relation to licence matters.
The road was closed to traffic for about an hour.
Leading Senior Constable Brett Magrath of the Macedon Ranges Highway Patrol said police were appreciative of the woman returning to the scene.
“As a result of her distraction and inattention she has destroyed her car and damaged two others,” LSC Magrath said.
“It was fortunate there were no pedestrians or cyclists in danger.
“Because she came back she will not face more serious charges,” he said.

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