Castlemaine joins climate rallies

As thousands joined climate rallies in cities and major centres across Australia on Friday, Castlemaine was not left out.
Friday’s rally involved people from all walks of life – young and otherwise – who were all there to add their voices to the growing calls for more effective actions to address climate change and runaway global warming in the wake of the nation’s recent unprecedented bushfires.
“I’m here to support the kids,” said Castlemaine’s Phil Pengelly.
He was there alongside Nuggety resident Vincent Hayes who was attending out of concern to see the global issue addressed.
And there were numerous local School Strike For Climate SS4C kids, among them Castlemaine College Secondary student Greta Kennedy.
“I’ve been going along to these strikes for a while now and I’m pretty passionate about climate action and for our government to make better decisions,” the local year 11 student said.
“I didn’t hesitate,” Greta added when asked about her attendance at the rally that took place in Mosytyn Street between the town’s civic centre and the old Imperial Hotel building.
Another local member of the School Strike for Climate movement Niamh O’Connor Smith said Castlemaine’s SS4C students planned to make a presentation to next Monday’s Mount Alexander Shire Council community climate forum.
Wearing a bright orange t-shirt and carrying a handmade placard, Central Victoria Climate Action member, Castlemaine’s Trevor Scott was very visible.
He said Central Victoria Climate Action was also keen to have its five minutes worth of presentation time at the forum podium on Monday.
“Our group will be making a representation to the forum. We have realised it is a climate emergency for a long time,” Trevor said.
He said he was at Friday’s rally in support of the SS4C students.
“I think it’s really important that the young kids have a voice and we have supported them,” he said.

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