Climate rally for Castlemaine

A climate rally is planned for Castlemaine’s CBD on Friday afternoon to coincide with the Strike 4 Climate taking place at Melbourne’s Treasury Gardens at the same time.
“Hundreds of young people and their families and friends from Mount Alexander Shire will be travelling to Melbourne and they’re calling for as many people as possible to join them,” coordinator of the upcoming Castlemaine Rally, musician Fay White said.
“Those unable to join the Schools Strike for Climate in Melbourne are invited to come to a local rally on the steps of the Market Building in Mostyn Street from 2-4pm on Friday to show support at home for the courage and commitment of the students facing up to the climate emergency.”
Fay said the local response was being organised by members of the Central Vic Climate Action and other local environment groups that were part of a worldwide movement calling for governments to take effective action to address the global issue.
Well-known local entertainer Jan Wositsky is among those who will be attending the local Castlemaine rally on Friday.
He will MC a program featuring musicians, performers, poets and speakers.
“I was on my way to the big one in Melbourne and I was asked to MC this,” Jan said.
“And the reason I decided to do so is because I think it’s really important for small local communities to come together on this and particularly to influence our local shire.
“As we know there’s hardly anyone in our federal government listening.
“There’s no leadership federally but we can make our own mark locally.
“I think this is an opportunity for many individuals and groups who have been working in their own way to address climate change to come together and hopefully connections will be made for going into the future.
“The planet is in trouble and is going to be in a lot more trouble so I personally want to do something about this.
“I think this is just totally crucial. I think we need to stand up against the main enemy that seems to be greed.
“I have a sense that this is a moment in history,” Jan said.

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