Club links with Carlton Respects

Woodend-Hesket Football Netball Club has just become the first community club in Victoria to partner with Carlton Football Club and the important Carlton Respects Program.
Carlton Respects, founded in 2016, promotes gender equality for the prevention of domestic violence against women, and has over 7500 participants in its schools’ program.
The co-gender Woodend club sees its link-up with Carlton Respects as a key action that can lead a conversation about an issue that is affecting all communities.
Players in the three Hawks’ teams wore orange socks – the international color of harmony – in their matches at Gilbert Gordon Reserve in Woodend on Saturday, and Carlton Football Club representatives spoke to the large gathering at the local club’s annual Ladies Luncheon.
“The more you learn, the more you are going to be able to help someone,” Woodend-Hesket committee member Anne-Louise Lindner observed after listening to the speakers.
Carlton’s community engagement manager Adrian Asdagi and people and culture general manager Anya Podbury (a Woodend resident) addressed the luncheon and outlined the background and aims of Carlton Respects. A enlightening video was also screened.
“This is a wonderful opportunity for us to start a conversation,” Ms Podbury said.
Equality and respect are keynote planks, and Mr Asdagi spelt out some of the “red flags” that may be noticed when individuals are struggling with mental issues.
He said it is important to have conversations, and to keep an eye out for anyone who may appear to be isolated. Language can have an impact on emotions.
Statistical information illustrating the number of women who end up being murdered, or be affected by violence, were spelt out.
“In future, we want to work on (combating) all types of violence,” the speaker said.
The message that came over strongly is that there is help available …. Woodend-Hesket Football Netball Club president Paul Podbury is pleased with the positive possibilities the newly established link with Carlton Respects offers at local level.

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