Coliban Water on notice over discharges

Coliban Water will be required to measure its compliance for wastewater releases to the Campaspe River at the point of discharge at Kyneton.
Following our report last week in which CW indicated it would install a new flow meter closer to the discharge point from the Kyneton Water Reclamation Plant, but would continue to measure flows 40kms away at Redesdale, EPA regional manager Dr Scott Pigdon sent a letter to landholders clarifying that the licence did not in fact stipulate Redesdale as the monitoring site.
“In relation to media reports on the flow metering point, EPA has written to Coliban Water seeking clarification of its intention to move the flow metering point to a more appropriate location,” Dr Pigdon said.
“EPA requires Coliban Water to demonstrate that it can meet its licence condition relating to surface water flow rate at the point of discharge.
“EPA is considering whether further formal legal notices are required.”
The EPA is continuing to investigate Coliban Water’s breach of its licence conditions in June when it made non-compliant releases of thousands of litres of wastewater to the river over a period of 45 days.
With heavy rainfall over the weekend, CW began releases of compliant Class B treated water to the river on Saturday.
A spokesperson said CW released 160 kilolitres of tertiary treated water on Saturday and 160 kilolitres on Sunday.
“The releases meet all EPA licence water quality and dilution ratio conditions,” the spokesperson.
The spokesperson confirmed CW had received the letter from Dr Pigdon and would be responding to the EPA.

One thought on “Coliban Water on notice over discharges

  • November 7, 2019 at 5:38 pm

    Yes, the irony is though, that the weekend’s releases are only compliant because the flow meter readings are still being done 43 kms away! If Coliban Water had done what they promised months ago, to use accurate not spurious science in their calculations, these discharges would be as truthfully non-compliant as almost always.
    Which is why they are now making a panicked scramble to try to have their licence weakened now, ahead of the EPA’s change of mandate in July next year – then the watchdog will grow some real teeth, especially in regards exercising a preventative duty of care. How clever of them to employ an ex-EPA executive to expedite the process. And how tragic for the river…


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