Could do better

Chris Hooper, Castlemaine

Premier Daniel Andrews and his government are giving with one hand and taking with the other.
They’re doing great work with public transport and getting rid of level crossings. Their solar panel subsidy is really generous and batteries are going to be added to the list. All good things for the environment.
But, there’s no decent in feed-in tariffs for people who get solar now.
This government continues to cut down native forests for forestry deals settled some time ago. Just out of Healesville there are great swathes of land with all the trees gone. These trees used to make copy paper?
There doesn’t seem to be any end to new housing taking more and more land stretching far away from much-needed and expensive-to-replicate, infrastructure. The new houses built are unsuitable for our heating climate and so need energy for cooling.
There’s plans for V/Line trains to have some toilet and luggage areas removed to make room for more seating but making it harder for people who ride bicycles to trains to get on with their bikes. They’re riding, not driving on the roads, but can’t catch a train too.
This government’s doing well, but could do better.


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