Council ordered to clean up ‘unofficial’ Lancefield tip site

Macedon Ranges Council has a clean up bill of about $40,000 after it was ordered to secure an “unofficial tip site” at Showlers Lane, Lancefield.
The Environment Protection Authority issued a notice for remediation works on the council-owned road reserve, following an investigation that resulted from a community tip-off.
Council workers have covered the area with a layer of soil to minimise potential hazards, such as buried waste, coming to the surface. Following capping works, the site was fenced off and public access is now prohibited.
Council’s director of assets and operations Shane Walden said council was made aware of the abandoned tip site by the EPA.
“The historic use of the site was not obvious, as the dumped rubbish was covered by soil and grass. Over time it appears some soil has eroded, exposing some of the dumped rubbish,” Mr Walden said.
“The reserve appears to have been used as an unofficial tip site prior to the formation of Macedon Ranges Shire. It is not known who dumped the rubbish at the site.”
It is believed the site had been used as an unofficial landfill site until the 1960s before being abandoned.
The council will regularly inspect and maintain the site to minimise any risks imposed by the historic landfill.
The EPA fined the MRSC $7929 for exceeding leachate levels from a different closed Lancefield landfill back in 2018.

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