Delaying tactics

Huntly Barton, Kyneton

The people of Kyneton and district wake up.
Our local state member Mary-Anne Thomas has stated that the Old Kyneton Primary school site has been handed back to community, but the government has started another consultation process that will grind on until after the next election, so it can put in a management stream that was decided on when Cobaw Community Health was granted $10m.
The government has already squandered $90,000 of taxpayers’ money on a consultation process that had an outcome that was way out of line with community sentiment. Ms Thomas rejected their findings and made a statement that the site would remain in community hands. Since then we have heard next to nothing other than delaying tactics from both Loddon Campaspe Regional Partnership and DELWP.
Our bureaucracies at all levels of government are overladen with procedures that are not viable and no longer serve our community and our elected members listen to them first.
Why is Mary-Anne Thomas so fearful of a community group that has the vision to create a town square? Is she a puppet of our bureaucracy or our elected member?

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