Delicious award winners fly high

Springfield Pastured Eggs is flying high after being named a ‘From Paddock’ state winner of the national Delicious Produce Awards.

The award is a huge milestone for Ben and Lena Way who only began their business venture 18 months ago and began to sell in local stores in April.

“It’s complete validation that our farming methods are translating into a premium product, as judged by the country’s top food critics and chefs,” Mr Way said.

“I am very proud of what we have achieved. From the beginning, we made a commitment to bird welfare, to farming ethically, to maintaining low stocking densities, to raising truly pasture-fed birds and to using premium hen feed with no additives or artificial colourings. The Delicious Produce Award is

recognition that all of these farming principles make a difference.”

The farm currently houses 500 birds per hectare, and the Ways vow it will never go above 750 birds per hectare. The commercial free range standard is 10,000 birds per hectare.

“Most egg brands do not state their stocking densities on their cartons, so it’s difficult for consumers to know what they’re really buying,” Mr Way said.

“Eggs from birds that are from pasture-raised farms like ours are more nutritious and taste better. Our birds eat grass, seeds, bugs and insects all year round, and get to engage in their natural behaviours like dust bathing. Our happy Springfield birds produce healthier and…now I can say with confidence…superior tasting eggs!”

As state winners, Springfield Pastured Eggs will now have the opportunity in June to have their eggs tasted in national judging in Sydney. But locals have access all the time.

“Any day of the week, locals can drive past our farm and see our birds living how true free range hens should be,” Mr Way said.

Mr Way hopes the Delicious Produce Award will bring additional restaurant and cafe customers and generate greater awareness of Springfield Pastured Eggs, and the difference between ‘free range’ and pastured eggs.

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