Deposit scheme needed

Lola, grade 3/4, St Ambrose Parish Primary School

Our class at St Ambrose Parish School is learning about sustainability and reducing, reusing and recycling. I
believe that a can and bottle deposit scheme would reduce pollution in our state.
In Victoria, we often see on our roadsides cans and plastic bottles, littering our environment. This looks disgusting!
Recently I was in Berlin and I saw deposit vending machines that accepted cans and bottles and in return you received a voucher. Something like this in Victoria would reduce pollution. In Germany some people left their
empty cans and bottles near rubbish bins so that homeless people could collect them and return the bottles and cans to the vending machines where they would collect vouchers for the supermarket.
This would also work in Victoria, kids could also collect bottles and cans for pocket money. A deposit scheme on cans and bottles would keep Victoria beautiful.

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