Deputy Leader of the Nationals in Kyneton to launch treatment plant petition

Deputy Leader of the Nationals Steph Ryan paid a visit to Kyneton today to launch a community petition calling on the
Legislative Assembly to demand that the state government upgrade the Kyneton Water Reclamation Plant to facilitate the production of Class B water only.
Ms Ryan met with affected landowners along the Campaspe River to discuss Coliban Water’s ongoing releases of low-grade (Class C) wastewater from the plant to the river rendering the water unusable for farmers, fishers, graziers and recreational users of the river.
“There’s a real issue here that the Andrews Government needs to invest in the Kyneton treatment plant to be sure it has the capacity to properly treat this water,” Ms Ryan said.
“It’s a real breach of faith that the water authority is applying to reduce its rate of dilution flow at the same time it says it is working with the community to fix the problem.
“It’s very clear to me that the community is not asking for communication, it’s asking for action from the government.”
Ms Ryan will table the petition in parliament at a later date.

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