Dicko to the rescue

Electricity runs through Gordon Dickeson’s veins.
The Powercor linesman has worked with live wires for 37 years and still to this day loves his job.
Even in the depths of Kyneton’s winter, he’s one of that rare breed who looks forward to getting up and going to work.
“I love it with a passion,” he says.
“Look around, this is my work office, Macedon Ranges and surrounds. Even in the middle of winter it’s still a great place to work.
“Every day throws up a new challenge and I could be anywhere from Blackwood to nearly Seymour.”
‘Dicko’ (as he is widely known) grew up in Castlemaine where he played football and cricket before moving to Kyneton in 1983.
“I was a contractor and a job came up with the SEC in those days and I was lucky enough to get that job and I haven’t looked back since,” he says.
“There’s nothing more rewarding than on a miserable night, the power’s off, mum and dad are trying to get tea on, there’s no lights, no heating, there’s no TV, we get the power back on and there’s two or three kids on the couch giving you the thumbs up, how good’s that?”
Dicko has had plenty of highlights in his career, including once saving a koala and its joey from a power pole in Woodend to the delight of onlookers, but the avid Collingwood supporter says his favourite ‘rescues’ have been when Friday night footy is on.
“It’s a typical Victoria night, it’s pouring rain and the Magpies are five goals up at half-time and the power’s gone off,” he says.
“I happen to get a call to a house and it’s full of Magpie supporters … and I get the power back on for them so they can watch the second half.
“Some people reckon I’m a one-eyed Collingwood supporter, I don’t believe that. I do see good in other sides … when we’re 10 goals ahead of ’em!”
A big part of Dicko’s love for his job also has to do with the many friendships he’s formed with workmates over the years.
“I’ve been very, very lucky,” he says. “Past and present people I’ve worked with have all been absolutely fantastic.
“And the young blokes keep me enthusiastic.”
The local identity was also a football coach for Kyneton Football Netball Club for many years, coaching kids from the ages of 13 up to 17.
“Coaching kids of that age was very rewarding … you drive down the street now and they all say g’day or wave to you, just that appreciation for what we were doing to help them,” he says.
These days, at age 67, Dicko admits he has to take a bit more care physically in his line of work but there’s still no retirement in sight.
“The mind’s still willing but the body’s starting to slow down a bit,” he says.
“It’s going to be a sad day when I retire because I am going to miss it. I’m going to miss the comradeship of the work guys and I get to meet customers at people’s houses, I get to work with electricians, I get to work with inspectors, so you’re always working with different people and you get to know a lot of people.
“Powercor is a wonderful company to work for, they do look after their staff very, very well … even if the CEO is a bloody Richmond supporter!”

Dicko, pictured in the bucket, rescued a koala and its joey from a power pole in Woodend.
The one-eyed Collingwood supporter lost a bet to a colleague and had to dress in Richmond Tigers gear for a day. It was torture!
He won a bet with Glenda West, former owner of the Shamrock Hotel in Kyneton, that the Pies would win the 1990 AFL grand final. The prize was free beer for a week and Dicko famously turned up every day at opening.
A keen sportsman, Dicko played cricket, footy and bowls and won premierships with both Kyneton Bowling Club and Kyneton Golf Bowling Club.
His Powercor colleagues say Dicko is known for tearing up the dance floor at company Christmas parties.

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