Don’t claim our future

Reuben Macdougall Di Manno, Campbells Creek

I write in response to David Cunningham’s latest offering on climate change (‘Bugger-all difference’, Opinions, November 27).
Before beginning, I wish to make clear that I value Mr Cunningham’s contributions to the discussion, and I happily acknowledge that all views should be heard in a democracy.
The majority of Mr Cunningham’s letter is routine in regards to the Opinions section of late, featuring polite discourse on the perceived non-existence of global warming and the broader phenomenon of climate change.
However, we can argue over numbers, figures and science reports without causing too great an offence until the colloquial cows come home. Instead, what really gets my equally metaphorical goat about Mr Cunningham’s letter lies in the last paragraph. It is his assertion that climate action will “sacrifice Australian children’s future”.
As a local student passionate about the environment, this does not sit well with me. As youth, our future, and our country’s, is increasingly in our hands as we mature, and Mr Cunningham’s statement comes across as prejudiced and ill-considered.
Instead of writing a letter proclaiming our interests, I suggest Mr Cunningham interacts more proactively with young Australians – he may be surprised at what he hears.
For example, by the time this letter is published, I, and thousands of students from across the state, will have gone on strike from our education on Friday in order to gather outside Parliament House and demand climate action.
The vast majority of Australian children do not see investment in our fragile planet as “demolish[ing] our economy”, but as a vital step forward into the futures that ultimately belong not to Mr Cunningham, but to us.

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