Downhill slide

Hans Paas, Castlemaine

Recycling at Castlemaine tip has been a longstanding scandal and the letter from Gretel Quirk (‘Banned from the tip’, Opinions, March 5) is a welcome exposure of the poor practices tolerated by our council.
Many in our shire gave up on the tip shop years ago because successive contractors have mismanaged this community asset. The downhill slide became an avalanche under the management of former CEO Rowlands but sadly there has been no action by his successor and successive councils to remedy the situation.
I suspect the ban on the whistle blower Quirks is illegal but you won’t see any action from a council that ignores this ‘out of sight, out of mind’ problem.
We cannot expect anything to improve any time soon. Contractors will continue to extract maximum income possible while neglecting the very task they as a service provider are responsible for.

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