Fiesta de Salsa!

Castlemaine may be a long way from Colombia but for local salsa dance instructor Camila Serrano that’s no reason to leave the rhythms of her Latin birthplace behind.
Camila’s passion for salsa dancing is catching on with an increasing number of locals keen to acquire the smooth moves and racy repetitions that is salsa.
In Castlemaine and Kyneton, Camila offers her Salsa Social dance classes for everyone from teenagers to more mature ‘silver salsa’ dancers – and everyone in between.
Camila says that since she started giving salsa dancing classes more than three years ago, numbers and interest have been steadily increasing – a fact reflected in the expanded number of classes she now holds.
“I started with one hour a week to now I have five so definitely the interest is out there,” says Camila who learnt to dance and perform as a child in Colombia before moving to New York and then Australia, ultimately settling in Castlemaine about seven years ago.
“I’ve always loved dancing,” says Camila who incorporates Spanish terms and a lively dash of cultural education into her salsa dance classes.
“I organise social events where I promote folk dance and explain the history of Colombia,” she says.
“It’s traditional dancing. It is beautiful. It’s just so creative.”
This Saturday June 30 those keen to give salsa a whirl will have a prime opportunity when Fiesta de Salsa happens at Castlemaine’s Theatre Royal.
“I will be dancing traditional dance with some of my students in full costume,” Camila says.
The ticketed evening performance featuring Melbourne’s Bataola Cuba band live begins with a free Cuban salsa dancing class.

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