Filth and ruts

Bill Heath, Kyneton

In an article I read in which ‘iconic’ swimming areas were featured from around Australia, Victoria was represented by Turpins Falls near Kyneton.
Looking on the internet one would perceive an idyllic picnic site, but on a trip to this featured ‘water hole with dramatic scenery’ one has to traverse a shocking road and rubbish at the parking area at the top of the gorge.
Parks Victoria and Macedon Ranges Council should be ashamed that visitors have to tolerate such filth and rutted access.
Editor’s note: Parks Victoria asks that people take their litter home with them. Rubbish dumping in parks is an ongoing issue that diverts the time and resources of Parks Victoria staff. Local rangers aim to visit the car park twice a week as many visitors, sadly, dump their rubbish.

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