Firies in training for virtual climb

Gisborne firefighters are in training to take part in the seventh annual Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb to raise funds for mental health, only this time the challenge will be a virtual one.
The stair climb is an annual charity event that sees firefighters and other emergency services personnel come from all over Australasia and the world to compete and fundraise for depression, post-traumatic stress injury and suicide.
The event simulates the actions of a firefighter entering a burning high rise building, wearing full structural firefighting protective clothing, and wearing self-contained breathing apparatus.
Gisborne Fire Brigade 3rd Lieutenant Bevan Moody said other emergency services represented included police, SES, Forest Fire Management and ambulance, all of whom climbed in the personal protective clothing and equipment relevant to their agency.
“This year’s event will be a virtual one due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19,” Lt Moody said.
“Participating members from Gisborne Fire Brigade will be racking up the steps by hiking, practising social distancing and climbing up and down steps at home.”
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