Fun and games for Gisborne

Fun and games are expected to arrive in Gisborne with the town’s first arcade by the end of the year.
Macedon Ranges Council last week approved an amusement parlour with 34 video gaming machines at the former 22 Brantome Street newsagency site despite some community reservations.
Eight objections to the plan related to noise, antisocial behaviour, town character and impact on youth and residents.
Fears also reared that gaming could lead to gambling but claims were not supported by evidence.
Councillor Andrew Twaits likened complaints to the film Footloose in which dancing and rock music was banned in a small town, stating “there are some remarkable similarities to what’s being put forward here”.
“The applicant has done a good job of explaining what she is trying to do here in providing a legitimate and safe entertainment venue for our young people,” Cr Twaits said.
Applicant Vicky Mezzapesa said herself that “we need entertainment as much as we need junk food”, but was determined to make that “craving” a positive experience.
Ms Mezzapesa was confident she could provide “a safe, secure and fun, all-ages entertainment environment”.
“This will have a positive impact on our community. My vision is to establish a family-friendly and social environment,” she said.
Safety measures include staff on site at all times and CCTV security, and Ms Mezzapesa reassured the gaming machines would not pay out cash and fit the planning definition of ‘amusement parlour’.
She said the gaming experience was designed to reward consumers with tokens that could be exchanged for prizes.
Gaming machines supported at the venue would include a range of new and classic games at various skill levels.
The arcade is expected to open by the end of the year. A condition also includes additional bike facilities at the shopping centre.

One thought on “Fun and games for Gisborne

  • October 3, 2019 at 2:37 pm

    Just because the machines will not spit out cash does not mean that gambling cannot take place.
    If some of these machines are hooked up to the Internet then there is a good chance that gambling can take place.


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