Give an old chook a happy retirement

Local award-winning egg producers Ben and Lena Way, of Springfield Pastured Eggs, are offering up their retiring chooks to be re-homed as backyard layers.
At 80 weeks old, the hens will go through a three-week moult before laying eggs again, but according to producer Ben Way, the hens can continue to lay eggs for up to five years in good backyard conditions.
“Our hens don’t moult with us because we can’t afford the drop in production, but after moulting, they will continue to lay large eggs for many years providing their conditions and feed are right,” he said.
“As they age, their production naturally reduces, however, some customers tell us they are still laying eggs after four years as well as making great composters and pets.”
Ben said people often asked why they sold their hens to local residents when it could reduce their egg sales.
“We don’t think like that,” he said. “We have a very strong animal welfare ethos and value the opportunity for our hens to live a happy retirement. We also think it gives local people an opportunity to come to the farm and see what true pasture raised egg farming looks like.”
The hens will go on sale Sunday, November 24, between 9am and 12pm. Hens for sale are vaccinated and wormed, selling at five for $35, 10 for $50 and 20 for $80. Customers need to come prepared with a large pet crate.
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