Gleeson wins Gold

Romsey comedian Tom Gleeson took home the Gold Logie for most popular personality on Australian TV at Sunday night’s TV WEEK Logie Awards, held at The Star Gold Coast.
The ABC Hard Quiz host’s win was not without controversy, however, with Gleeson running a comedic smear campaign against his fellow nominees and appearing to mock the awards.
“I’m in a tricky spot, because I like it and I hate it at the same time,” Gleeson joked in accepting the award.
“I am going to take this as a win for the ABC, I think that’s a treat … first time in 40 years!”
Gleeson acknowledged that some people in the industry were concerned he’d made a joke of the whole thing but explained that as a comedian, he loved jokes.
“The aim of my whole campaign was just to have fun with the whole thing, because it all doesn’t really matter,” he said.
“So I would like to take this as a win for comedy, because comedy to me is really important.”

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