Hospital hampers help

Staff at Castlemaine Health went above and beyond for this year’s annual ‘Christmas Tree Project’ food drive for Castlemaine Housing Service donating an unprecedented amount of food to assist the region’s homeless.
This is the sixth year the staff-led initiative, supported by management and all departments at Castlemaine Health, including staff, doctors patients and visitors has been conducted.
The Christmas Tree Project coordinator Lisa Jackson said while the team is focused on physical health and wellbeing, they are also thinking about building a resilient and strong community particularly in the holiday season when household resources can be stretched.
“This year we managed to pack more than 50 hampers! What a great result. These will now be delivered to our community by the housing team from CHIRP.
“It is important to us at The Christmas Tree Project, that we do not forget those experiencing hardship in our own backyard,” Lisa said.
Castlemaine Housing Service manager Michael McMahon thanked volunteers and all staff and patients at Castlemaine Health for their generosity.
Michael said the hampers will bring a smile to the faces to those facing hardship this Christmas.
“Some families have spent money on Christmas presents to make it a special time for the kids and left themselves short on food.
“We also hold on to a few hampers to support people throughout the year. People may have been forced out of home suddenly due to family conflict and find themselves in a motel or staying with friends. The hampers provide them with the essentials or some food to share so they don’t feel like a burden,” he said.

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