How will we benefit?

Robin Stewart, Romsey

So this is how democracy works in the Macedon Ranges.
A tiny pressure group, having previously met community opposition, instead gets in the ears of state politicians and gets the law changed to enable their wind farm scheme. These were banned for good reason earlier this decade.
The wishes of the community at large must be sought and expressed before this proceeds; and this after full disclosure of all aspects being revealed. For instance, how much native vegetation will be cleared for transmission lines? What is the commercial involvement? Precisely how will the community benefit?
As a previous resident of the general area designated I am concerned too about the likely loss of the eagles and owls that inhabit this area.
I would expect a conservation-minded group, if that is what they claim to be, to also be concerned about these issues.
This project has already grown from an initial one or two towers to currently seven. If the ‘sustainability group’ succeeds with this project expect to see unsightly wind towers dotted about the Macedon Ranges in future, destroying the visual environment that we love.
The proper place for these monstrosities is offshore or in the desert.

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