Ideological interference

David Arscott, Kangaroo Flat

On the weekend I had reason to visit Kyneton after a few years for an enjoyable reunion with former workmates. As I waited outside for my lift home my eyes were drawn to a couple of dilapidated buildings in between the Town Hall and Post Office, and I recalled the reason for this blight on the landscape.
They are the legacy of the political folly of an aspiring politician who was councillor and former mayor. Using all of his theatrical ability, he used pictures to convince a majority of fellow councillors that these rat-infested buildings enhanced the streetscape of Mollison Street.
He said it would be a travesty for the town if they were demolished to provide a clean fresh piece of open space for residents to rest a while, I wonder what the residents think now?
What a shock for visitors coming to Kyneton for an award-winning pie and a Piper Street experience when one of the first sights they see is a couple of empty derelict buildings.
Let’s not forget the people who choose to take photos of those outstanding buildings the Town Hall and Post Office (and there are many), how disappointed they must be that the vista is blighted by this eyesore.
As the people of Kyneton contemplate the future of the old primary school they should stop think for a while, view these buildings and remember they are outcome of the folly of making a decision based on one man’s political aspirations, not for the future benefit of Kyneton and its residents.
They need to be very careful of decisions based on the input single-interest groups that are motivated by politics and not always in the best future interest of Kyneton and its residents. These two buildings and the old hospital are all the evidence you need to see of the consequences ideological interference.

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