Academy Award nominated filmmaker Feras Fayyad will not attend the 2018 Castlemaine Documentary Film Festival screening of his film Last Men in Aleppo due to visa administration issues.
Instead, he will join the audience live by Skype after the special screening of his film at the Theatre Royal Castlemaine on Saturday at 7.30pm, for an in-depth discussion led by award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker, Santilla Chingaipe.
An audience Q&A will follow, and everyone is encouraged to come along to this powerful screening to show your support for Feras, his film, and the wider issues at stake.
Last Men in Aleppo is an extraordinary example of the power of documentary to focus attention on global issues. Filmed over three years, this visceral film combines moments of heart-pounding suspense, tragedy, and improbable beauty, and takes us right into the lives of three men from the White Helmets in Aleppo who confront an agonizing dilemma; do I stay and fight for my country and my dignity, or do I flee for the safety of my children and family?
Currently the fate of some 1000 White Helmet volunteers and their family members, and the need to plan a possible evacuation for them, has become a focus of discussions of several countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, France and Canada.
Feras has recently been in Syria where he is shooting his next film and will be able to provide current insights about the issues during his discussion with us.
With a global spotlight on the shameful nightmare that is Syria, please support this screening and live Skype conversation with Feras by coming along to the Theatre Royal at 7.30pm, Saturday July 21. Details and tickets at

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