Join the campaign for No Packet November!

No Packet November encourages families to reduce their consumption of packaged food for one month and make a stand against the billion-dollar food manufacturers that are selling us mass-produced factory food in plastic.
It’s a win for our health and the environment.
Kyneton’s Kate Coleman, a personal trainer and health advocate, created NPN to inspire families to eat real food again.
“Being a mother of three, it can be difficult to know what to feed your children,” Kate said.
“Everyone is so busy today, and the clever marketing on packaged food is very confusing. There are so many mixed messages out there.
“I want to inspire people, especially children, to cook simple recipes and appreciate that real food is grown, and not from a factory.
“Most packaged food is double rubbish; plastic wrappers on the outside and manufactured garbage on the inside.
“No Packet November is free to join, offering alternative lunchbox ideas and easy recipes to guide you through the month.
“You don’t have to cut out packaged food completely. Just be mindful of what you are buying, in order to improve your health and the health of the environment,” Kate said.
There are several high-profile ambassadors including cookbook author Louise Keats as well as Kyneton locals Dave and Jess Romer from Thriving Lifestyles. The campaign has also received support from Damon Gameau and That Sugar Film, Dirt Girl and Costa from Gardening Australia, and Tim Robards.
A VIP membership is available that offers daily recipes and exercise videos. Kate will be donating 20 per cent of the funds raised to the Mai Wiru Sugar Challenge Foundation to support indigenous health.
After noticing the amount of packets in kids’ lunchboxes, Kate Coleman launched the No Packet November campaign in 2016. Visit

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