Kyneton RV dump point options to be considered

New RV dump point options will be explored in Kyneton following community backlash over a plan to shift the town’s current facility to nearby its Visitor Information Centre.
Macedon Ranges Council sought to replace the Kyneton Mineral Springs Reserve dump point for black and grey water, as the septic system was deemed ‘unfit for use’ due to its limited capacity.
It has already cost the council $40,000 in repairs due to blockages and overflows that connection to town sewerage is expected to solve.
The new site proposal has raised safety concerns in the community, and last week planning director Angela Hughes admitted council officers had not followed correct procedure and “need to correct this”.
Ms Hughes said the council officers did not seek council confirmation on the relocation before informing residents near the Bourke Street site and would now undertake a new site investigation.
The Bourke Street site was chosen for its sewer connection, VIC locality, low-cost installation, public toilet and playground access, and parking facilities to encourage visitors and short-term stays in the region.
While most residents support efforts to maintain Kyneton’s status as an ‘RV-friendly town’, residents want to the decision to be “made for the majority, not the minority”, according to Kyneton local Deirdre Tunzi.
“There are so many other options that should be considered that are not near residential areas or areas well-utilised by families. When you look at it as a whole Bourke Street just doesn’t work. I’m pleased that they are reconsidering the location,” Ms Tunzi said.
Fellow objector Susie Baldwin agreed there was a better solution that would result in a better outcome for Kyneton residents.
“I believe with this further investigation it will become clear that Bourke Street is not suitable location for the dump point for reasons associated with traffic management, amenity for residents and users of the nearby playground and safety for children using the school buses,” she said.
Results of the investigation are expected to be considered by councillors no later than March and community consultation will follow.

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