Kyneton volunteers deliver meals to those in self-isolation

A small group of Kyneton volunteers are helping those in need and in self-isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic by cooking and delivering meals to residents in Kyneton and surrounds.
The group was started by a Kyneton resident who wanted to help the elderly, vulnerable and those who could not access supermarkets or food outlets while in self-isolation. A group of around 12 volunteers now prepare home-cooked meals and coordinate deliveries to those in need.
The group is a community initiative and not associated with any associations or religious organisations. The free meals are cooked in home kitchens and dropped off to the doorsteps of those in need using gloves, in order to minimise contact with people.
Kyneton’s Little Swallow café has also generously provided takeaway containers, meals and refrigeration to store the meals.
Since the group began on March 16, they have already delivered a range of meals – including mushroom risotto, lamb ragu and pasta, and vegetable curries – to residents in Kyneton, Lauriston, Woodend and Carlsruhe areas.
If you are elderly, vulnerable or are in compromised health and not able to visit the supermarket for food and groceries, the group can help. Call or text 0490 015 402.
Please note, the group can only service the Kyneton, Lauriston, Woodend and Carlsruhe areas at this time.
If you would like to volunteer to help cook and deliver meals, text 0490 015 402.

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