Local brew sells at speed

Two Romsey brewers are putting big plans into play after their first commercial batch of Daily Lager sold out in 24 hours across the Macedon Ranges.
Benjamin Holmes and Shannon Wright aim to secure a site for their own venue in 2021 as they watch their local lager build in popularity.
“We have since had to revisit our brewing schedule and quadruple our volumes for the coming months to keep up,” Benjamin told the Express.
“It was great to see the community backing local produce and we certainly felt a level of accomplishment, seeing our beer on shelves and people walking out of shops holding a case or bottle.”
The pair launched Daily Lager in October after months of ‘coronavirus downtime’ spent perfecting their recipe and technique for the clean, crisp lager.
Respecting their roots, the beer was named after the iconic Daly Bridge on Romsey Road, which also features in the brand logo.
It was a project that had been brewing since Romsey Hotel shut its doors for the last time in 2017. While they were among hundreds of local residents devastated to see the pub’s closure, they now see it as the start of something big.
They never expected the brand would gain so much momentum so soon.
Benjamin said the excitement of the first batch fuelled further plans for Romsey Brewing Company as they worked on how to resupply without losing all the hype they had worked so hard to build.
They are now looking at a “world out of coronavirus”, which means offering different packaging like kegs for bars and expanding to beyond 100 stockists in 2021.
They also plan to introduce a new range of beers including higher alcohol content, alcohol-free and seltzer for the spring.

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