Loyalty punished

Andrew McLaren, Woodend North

I am writing about the appalling behaviour of our power retailers.
At the moment, virtually anyone who calls their retailer for a better deal gets one. Anyone who switches providers is then immediately approached by the former provider with a much better deal than the one they left. Where does this leave those who, through loyalty or inability (for whatever reason), don’t do something about managing the cost of this essential service?
This is not a criticism of those who haven’t acted – it is almost a certainty that it is those who are most in need of a cut in power prices who have the greatest difficulty in doing something about it.
While our politicians all talk about power price action it seems they are too busy fighting each other to do anything about it.
But we can all do something in the short term. Simply research prices on the internet (go direct to other power company websites – not the so-called comparison sites) and find a deal that is better than the one you are on now. The more you look the more you will find. If this sounds intimidating ask someone to help you. Be careful – the power retailers mostly offer differing deals to prevent direct comparison and you might have to do a bit of maths. Then ring your existing provider and ask them to match or better the deal you have found. Don’t be frightened to do this – they will almost certainly agree on the spot if you have done your homework. Don’t let them argue or try to confuse you. Simply ask them to match the deal you have found. If they don’t – switch. It’s simple to switch – have your existing bill on hand when you ring and the new provider will do all the work.
Finally, don’t agree to any lock-in term so you can change again anytime you want to.
Sadly, it seems that loyalty is now being punished not rewarded. When the banks and the power companies can’t be trusted, and the politicians are otherwise occupied, it’s every one for him or her self.

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