Macedon teen acts on glass recycling call

Macedon teenager Mack Wilkie is doing his bit to help his local community address the current recycling crisis our local council faces.
After reading an article in the Midland Express about the council being forced to send glass to landfill following the collapse of SKM Recycling, Mack got thinking about how he could help.
“I was concerned that because the new recycling company could not take glass, it would result in a lot of it going to landfill,” he said.
Mack reached out to local friends and neighbours and offered to take their glass with his family’s to the Woodend Transfer Station.
“This seemed a much better solution than placing glass in the rubbish bin while we wait for council to place glass recycling bins in local towns,” he said.
Mack was working on a school project relating to plastic pollution when the glass issue arose, so he wanted to make to a practical contribution.
Mack’s mum Linley is proud of her son’s effort.
“I think it’s great that he can make an active change in the town, albeit on a very small scale and just temporary as a stop gap until council puts bins in each town for glass,” she said.
Mack hopes others are also helping their neighbours do the right thing with glass recycling.
“If I’m not the only one taking this action then together we can make a difference,” he said.

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