More trees not less

Jill Loorham, Castlemaine

Lauren Williams is correct (‘Stupid humans’, Opinions, February 19).
Our roads will be joyless, shadeless places for the majority of road users if the removal of roadside trees continues.
If honest consideration were to be given to roadside safety and beautiful shady vistas, roads would be more narrow with thousands of trees and shrubs planted.
It’s impossible to stop people driving badly nor can alcohol and drug-crazed drivers be prevented from causing damage to themselves and innocent bystanders, except through existing drug laws and high-quality defensive driving instruction.
Our highways and roads should be planted with millions of shade-producing trees with small cafés and attractive parks en-route to encourage sensible drivers to take a break while enjoying the scenery.
People who have a penchant for removing trees beside roads must not have noticed how bloody hot those roads are to drive on. Oh that’s right, just turn on your car air conditioner and bugger the extra pollution you’re adding to the ozone.

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