New extremes

David Cheal, Redesdale

David Cunningham is right (‘Prophecies vs data’, Opinions, October 2). The existence of hurricanes, cyclones etc. is not, of itself, evidence of climate change.
However, the text of my letter of September 25 originally said (before editing) ‘… NSW (lowest winter rainfalls since records began), Hurricane Florence in the USA (record rainfalls), Typhoon Mangkhut in China and the Philippines (record wind speeds) and successive (unprecedented) coral bleaching in the Barrier Reef’. The emphasis should be on the repeated breaking of longstanding records. And today we have yet another record-breaking extreme – we have just experienced the driest September in Australia since records began (less than a third of the average rainfall). We are seeing new extremes, not repetition of long-standing patterns.
There are references to the Little Ice Age, an event that was focused on Europe and North America and had little impact elsewhere. Current global warming is global in impact and, unlike former warming periods, is occurring while solar activity (a prime driver of warming periods) has remained relatively stable. We know that from the end of the Little Ice Age to the 1950s the sun’s output increased. But since World War II the sun has slowly grown quieter, yet the temperature on Earth has gone up (reference – Interpretations can vary, but measured facts are harder to dismiss.
Earth’s climate has experienced dramatic climate changes in the past and life has survived. But dramatic past climate changes have also been periods of mass extinctions (e.g. the Permian-Triassic transition, when more than half of all living things died and 90-95 per cent of marine life was extinguished). Hoping we’re not moving into another massive climate change will not prevent it.

2 thoughts on “New extremes

  • October 9, 2018 at 6:29 pm

    Just a quick heads-up about your claim Re the global nature of the Little Ice Age, David.

    The claim you made is now well out of date. Real-world evidence shows the Little Ice Age is now acknowleged to be a global event, (as clearly shown in the paleo data which I referred to previously).

    Here is some reading about it for you from 4 years ago.

    You’ll find it’s a lot more respectable than your reference.

    That website you cited is shockingly biased towards catastrophist dogma as you must have noticed. They even display the byline, “Getting skeptical about global warming skepticism”. They’re quite happy to bend the truth and even break it as long as it suits their narrative and their purpose of spreading FUD.

  • October 12, 2018 at 9:02 pm

    My letter in response to your straw man was not accepted for publication David, but I am able to respond here and now. Did you genuinely not comprehend my words, or is this just another feeble attempt to avoid discussing the issues by means of dirty tricks? If you were genuine, you would show where I said “The existence of hurricanes volcanos etc is not of itself evidence of climate change.” (Your words, not mine, yet you perniciously attribute them to me). I’m sure you know what a straw man is, and you chose that form of avoiding the issue precisely because you have no actual substantive argument against what I did actually say.

    I will post my letter to Opinion as a reply here.

    My time at the keyboard is limited at the moment because I am travelling and the time zone is awkward, but I would have liked to have though that a community like Castlemaine is actually capable of having an honest exchange of ideas without resorting to the sorts of evasions, red herrings, blind dogma, and fallacious reasoning I have encountered here.

    How do you people reconcile such dishonesty with your conscience?


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