No time for faint hearts

Hans Paas, Castlemaine

I thank Brian Clarke (‘Climate change done and dusted?’, Opinions, August 7) and am pleased that he has not identified himself with the real climate change conspiracy. Though without a reversal of his position he will be on the wrong side of history, he won’t be in the really bad company of those who have sought to discredit the science (not belief as Mr Clarke suggests) in order to halt efforts to deal with climate change.
It is encouraging that some who have been part of this massive attempt at deception are now ‘changing horses’ and ditching their investments in fossil fuels in favour of renewables. However, just as we may have dared to think the world may yet be saved from the worst consequences of climate change, research emerges that suggests that the world is closer to the tipping point than anyone realised.
It may be only a matter of a couple of years before nothing we do will actually reverse the trend. I used to think that I’d be ‘six foot under’ by that time, but now it seems I might not even get to my allocation of three score years and ten before I have the sure knowledge that our planet will never recover fully from our profligate ways. This is no time for faint hearts. The consequences of delay will make the two world wars of last century seem like minor global glitches.

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