Old Kyneton Hospital sold

The old Kyneton Hospital has been sold to an anonymous out-of-town buyer.
Real estate agent Mark Nunn said the buyer planned to develop the site and restore the historic bluestone building.
The site was formerly owned by Winport Developments, which purchased the property in March 2011 for $1.6 million.
Winport had controversially planned to develop the 1850s heritage-protected bluestone building into four luxury apartments and develop 64 houses on the surrounding five acres.
The proposal attracted significant community backlash from residents, including a campaign to ‘Save the Old Kyneton Hospital’, which gained the celebrity endorsement of SBS newsreader and national icon Lee Lin Chin.
The property’s latest sale was expected to realise between $5.75 million to $6.25 million. The new owner is still considering options for the site.

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