Parma night for the farmers’ fight

Local pubs, clubs and restaurants are serving up parmas with added incentive.
They have backed the widespread ‘Parma for a Farmer’ campaign that sees participating venues donate $1 towards drought recovery in NSW for every parma sold during the month of August.
Kyneton RSL general manager Rebecca Hemphill said people in Kyneton had thrown their support behind the campaign.
The RSL’s parma night last Tuesday saw a record 92 parmas sold – a dramatic increase on the typical 50-70.
“We put a post on Facebook to tell people we were supporting Parma for a Farmer and we received a lot of reactions and views and an overall really good response,” Ms Hemphill said.
“It’s great that so many people want to support this campaign. Our farmers really need our help and this is one small way people can do that.”
The RSL has several marked donation tins around the venue where people can also make a contribution. All donations will go towards the Buy a Bale campaign.
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Kyneton RSL’s Georgie Horan, Dylan Thomas and Paul Branagan serve up one of their popular parma dishes.

Taking a similar approach, Kyneton’s Shamrock Hotel has extended its parma menu throughout August to include chicken, veal, pork and vegetarian options for lunch and dinner daily.
“We have seen parma sales increase because people want to support this. Whole tables of diners will order parmas just for the cause,” owner and manager Jack Buckley said.
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Jack and Toto have increased the Shamrock’s parma offering.

For Lancefield Hotel, it was a case of delivering a highly sought-after avenue for the community to donate.
Manager Kane Williams said the pub joined the campaign following countless requests from patrons on social media. The pub has upped its traditional Monday night parma by $1: the customer chips in $1 extra to donate to the cause and the pub will match it. They also have donation tins and raffles running.
“We are facilitating this for the people. We don’t expect to make anything extra out of it – on a Monday parma night we can’t fit any more people in here: it is packed,” he said.
“All the funds from this campaign are going to a good cause and the donation will be made in the name of the Lancefield community.”
Other venues serving up the old pub favourite for the cause include The Cumberland Hotel in Castlemaine, The Royal George and Tony’s Place in Kyneton, Riddells Creek Hotel, Tylden Junction, Barringo Food and Wine Co. in New Gisborne, Maryborough Highlands Society and Soltan Pepper in Romsey.
Vic @ Seasons in Riddells Creek has introduced parmas to the menu for August especially for the campaign.
Other venues have put their spin on the campaign. Kyneton’s Country Cob bakery is offering a ‘Pie for a Farmer’ this week.

Cumberland Hotel head chef Joshua Hollands invites patrons to get on board the ‘Parma for a Farmer’ campaign.



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  • August 27, 2018 at 11:07 am

    great initiate by macedon community , this is what we are known for specially when the government is not budging!! wish the state government also notices the need for infrastructure with steady growth in population…


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