Peonies bring joy to special visitors

Karen O’Sullivan

A surprise visit to the Spring Hill Peony Farm put smiles on the faces of Trentham Aged Care residents.
Owner Nicky Thomas decided to spread some early Christmas cheer, opening up her beautiful fields of peony flowers for her very special visitors.
“This outing for the aged care residents was free of charge, hoping we can spread the joy peonies give to so many, to our very valued aged citizens.”
Staff from the Hepburn Health facility had unlimited access to the Spring Hill Peony Farm and were able to drive the residents’ bus into the paddocks, giving residents an up close and personal experience with the peony blooms.
“We have so many visitors to our farm each year and to see the delight on their faces and the heartwarming thanks they give us for opening the paddock, makes us so happy,” Nicky said.
“Every spring we are at the mercy of the weather. The flowers react to the quantity of heat and rain which creates a different yield each year. We have learnt to just roll with it and so have our visitors.”
The women walked through the rows of peony blooms and were then given the opportunity to pick their own bouquets to take home with them and enjoy in their rooms.
Trentham Aged Care’s director of nursing Paul Hilder said the ladies had the most magnificent day out.
“They were very proud of their pickings and Trentham Aged Care came to life with peonies on their return.
“The excursion lasted five hours and the ladies were exhausted but exhilarated!”
The Spring Hill Peony Farm has peony paddock picnics at the end of November each year.
Peony bunches and plants are for sale at the farm gate until Friday December 7.
Enquiries to Nicky 0438 438 604 or

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