Radiation danger

Maria and Nigel Hoffmann, Kyneton

Reading the doctoral thesis by Don Maisch (2010) titled The Procrustean Approach – Setting Exposure Standards for Telecommunications Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation, listening to the free opinion of an expert in microwave weapons on the issue, Barrie Trower, and watching independent medical scientists and scientists from all over the world daring to speak up against governments as they reveal their well-founded concerns about the way the existing WIFI is being used by the general public independently (including children and pregnant women) and in public spaces (including schools and public transport), makes us wonder.
The question is, why is the general public kept so misinformed about the great discrepancy between well-founded opinions on a technology that could turn out to cause an extremely unsafe addition to the current levels of radiation in the environment, unsafe for all kinds of living cells, in particular the reproductive cells?
We have called all the local councillors and political representatives of the area where we live and their only answer has been that it is a federal issue.
Meanwhile the answer from our local MP Lisa Chesters was to let us know that she agrees with the radiation limits approved by ARPANSA (funded by the government). The grassroots activist group Friends of the Earth has gone quiet on this issue, as has the well-established Greens Party.
Is this behaviour the response to another kind of political correctness that is tyrannising and bullying the freedom of opinion of individuals?
Are our current governments manipulating our lives as they promote certain morality and patterns of thought and behaviour through their access to media?
Are they playing with our basic right to health as they manipulate laws to fit great economical adventures with total lack of disclosure, even secrecy, towards the community?

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