Raising the roof

Founder of the highly successful Vocal Ranges Festival and director of the Pollyphonics Choir, Polly
Christie is bringing her latest choral project to the bar stools of Kyneton.
The KC Pub Singers are inspired by the rising movement of pub choirs – kicked off by the Choir!
Choir! Choir! project in Canada – bringing together people from all walks of life with a passion for singing.
“Singing in a group creates such an amazing connection,” Polly said.
“Traditional choir structures with auditions and sheet music are a big barrier for many aspiring singers. Pub singing is perfect for people more comfortable singing in the shower or in the car.”
No experience is necessary to join the KC Pub Singers and there is no sheet music to be found. The group sings different surprise songs every month. The songs are all popular songs that everyone knows and love to sing.
“The beauty about pub singing is that the more out of tune voices the better. Pub singing is a non-judgmental, happy vibe. It’s about letting go and having a good time.”
The singers will next perform at The Albion Hotel in Kyneton on Sunday November 25, 4pm – 6pm.
Tickets: $3-10.
For more details and booking info visit The KC Pub Singers facebook page.

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