Range of benefits

Laurie Whelan, Greens candidate for Bendigo West

It takes a wonderful letter from Lola, a grade 3/4 primary school student (‘Deposit scheme needed’, Opinions, July 17) to point out the range of benefits of a container deposit scheme!
She is right to say that it would work in Victoria as there is overwhelming majority support for a deposit scheme but the Andrews Labor government has consistently ruled it out and failed to respond to community concerns. She cites examples as far away as Germany but our neighbour state of South Australia has demonstrated for decades now that such a system works, provides many new jobs, reduces the tonnes of containers that end up in land fill and increases the quality of separated plastic recyclables.
Our local Labor MPs have been silent on this issue! The Andrews labor government has failed to show leadership and is beholden to the beverage container manufacturers in their resistance to support a deposit scheme.
Victoria will be the only mainland state without a deposit scheme! The Greens have long supported a container deposit scheme and have the future of Lola and her generation at the heart of what is needed for a sustainable and secure future!

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